A unique space that will bring together CEOs and CFOs of national and international oil and gas companies during three days to discuss the current situation of the industry, analyze the new global geopolitical map, and design the strategies for the growth of the sector in the medium and long term.

Meeting of Presidents of Oil and Gas Companies

Presidents of national and international oil and gas companies will participate in a special dialogue that will focus on the current situation of the industry given the new global context, and the challenges and opportunities for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Innovative program with greater participation of the audience

The intense agenda of the Oil and Natural Gas Conference ARPEL 2015, with the participation of renowned exhibitors at the global and regional level, includes more than twenty sessions on various topics among which are:

1. Global and regional perspective of the energy sector.
2. Geopolitics, risks and opportunities.
3. Analysis of the crude oil market and prices in the current situation with a medium- and long-term vision.
4. Development of unconventional hydrocarbon resources in Latin America and the Caribbean.
5. Selection, training and development of the labor force in the industry.
6. Human rights and business. Guiding principles and its impact on the oil and gas industry.

Meeting of National Oil and Gas Chambers and Institutes

Meeting of representatives from the main Chambers and Institutes in the region to discuss and exchange significant information for the sector.

Forum of Hydrocarbon Agencies

The Oil and Natural Gas Conference ARPEL 2015 will also offer a morning session in which Hydrocarbon Agencies and entities responsible for calls for bids in the E&P areas will present the opportunities in the region.

Meeting of R&D Centers

The Research & Development Centers in the region will share a space where their representatives will discuss the development of new technologies and the main achievements and challenges to support the growth of the industry. In addition, they will have exhibition stands where they will present their latest products.

Business Networking

Three ideal days that will allow you to interact in the same venue with senior executives and professionals linked to the industry, find synergies, detect opportunities throughout the entire value chain, and exchange knowledge and experiences.

ARPEL, the Regional Association of Oil, Gas and Biofuels Sector Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean, is the only organization in our region that brings together national and international oil and gas companies and service providers. Its membership represents over 90% of the activities of the sector in Latin America and the Caribbean.

The motto for the fourth edition of ARPEL Conference is "cooperation and innovation for a sustainable energy development", which reflects the most important values of ARPEL throughout its history, and especially in 2015, when the Association celebrates its 50th anniversary. These values are affirmed today, because they are essential to face the challenges posed by the current situation of the industry.